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Try a Campsite Holiday this Summer

Booking the annual family holiday can take enormous effort. You have to do a lot of essential research to choose the best option for parents and their kids. It is necessary to ensure that all member of the family will delight in the vacation that you are preparing. This can be exceptionally difficult in case the kids are a mix of children and teenagers, as they typically have various desires and needs when it comes to vacations. However it is possible to reserve a holiday or vacation in the UK that everyone will take pleasure in.

Kids om a camping holiday in Cornwall

One great destination for family vacations in the UK is Cornwall. Regularly voted the best holiday location in the UK, Cornwall has lots to provide for young and old. There are loads of terrific sandy coastlines, incredible coastal surroundings and countryside to check out.

Traditionally Cornwall holidays involve extended periods at the coastline or a tour around the local area. Nonetheless, recently, there has been a growing trend for households to pick from a wide range of holiday holiday types and experience based trips. And there are plenty of campsites in Cornwall, which make great bases from which to explore the whole area.

Why not try camping?

The top place to start when planning a trip to Cornwall, it is to find the optimal accommodation for your vacation. Holiday parks typically offer inexpensive and cost effective offers for families for stays in holiday lodges and cabins. If you are traveling on a tight budget, another thing that you can consider is to go on camping trip and remain on a campsite in Cornwall. This is a great means to visit the area and a type of accommodation that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, especially young kids who will delight in the wide open spaces and the journey of camping in outdoors tents.

There are numerous superb Cornwall campsites that you can select from. These parks are located in beautiful areas on the coast or in the middle of the countryside, where you can get amazing views and reconnect with nature. This is especially important and therapeutic for visitors from large towns or cities. Many campsites have superb facilities with shower blocks, cleaning machines, on-site shops, play areas and other facilities to keep you amused during your stay.

Some campsites in Cornwall are little and quiet, while others are larger and have bars, restaurants as well as clubs with routine entertainment for all the family. So you really can choose exactly what type of holiday would suit you and your family.

If you can combine these facilities with on-site activities such as golf, tennis, skateboarding and swimming, you can be sure to experience a family holiday to remember. Aside from that, you can also do other great activities in Cornwall, including surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling or horse riding.

Plus there are many superb family tourist attractions to visit in Cornwall. There are numerous museums, galleries, country homes and gardens to check out. Kids like the Eden Project with its huge biomes filled with exotic plants, and educational exhibits. Then there are the funfairs and theme park such as Flambards and Crealy, which are hugely popular with families seeing Cornwall.

Plenty to See & Do in Cornwall

So with all the great places to stay and so many fantastic things to do, camping in Cornwall truly is a remarkable way to spend a summer vacation with your family. As well as being a more affordable alternative to hotels and self-catering accommodation, camping is great for family bonding and spending time together in the great outdoors.

When choosing where to stay and what to do on your holiday in Cornwall, it is important to consider what all member of the family want to leave the holiday. Be sure to speak with them all and include them in making the final choice. This is to ensure that everyone will enjoy the vacation. But whatever you choose, you will never regret selecting a family camping holiday in Cornwall.

Cornwall Travel Guide

Cornwall has idyllic seaside villages with pretty whitewashed seaside cottages, pristine sandy beaches, rugged high cliffs, wild moors and lush green countryside to explore. It is a fantastic place to visit, full of natural, scenic attractions and historical assets such as castles and Celtic ruins. And now with a plethora of fantastic tourist attractions and facilities, this makes Cornwall one of the UK’s top tourism destinations.

The climate is milder in this remote, south westerly part of Great Britain. Therefore the Cornish peninsula boasts subtropical gardens which inspire and enthral visitors. Its steep cliffs are natural attractions worth the trip alone. With its location at the very fringes of mainland Britain, this finger of land is almost surrounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean and bordered on its north eastern edge by the River Tamar, making it feel almost like an island of its own. This helps to give Cornwall it’s own character and culture, and a real sense of pride and independence in its people.

All this makes Cornwall a unique and much loved holiday destination for tourists from the UK and many countries world-wide. it is regularly voted the UK’s top tourist destination and for good reason. It’s a stunningly beautiful destination with its own laid-back culture and dreamy atmosphere.

Cornwall has rich Celtic heritage with many standing stones and monuments from its days as a remote area far away from English power and rule. It is here at Tintagel where the legend of King Arthur was born. And there are Celtic crosses and monuments to visit everywhere.

During the industrial revolution Cornwall became one of the country’s most important assets as its production of tin and clay were exported worldwide for the production of industrial materials. The remnants of these industries can be seen dotted around the landscape. The unmistakable outlines of tin mining engine houses are seemingly everywhere and synonymous with the county of Cornwall. And it’s this human interaction with the landscape and environment that is now protected in many UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the county.

But despite it’s industrial past, Cornwall remains a rural and unspoiled destination. There are still wild, wilderness areas and beautiful countryside to explore and farming remains a large part of the economy here. If you step away from the towns and villages, and busy beaches, to explore the interior, you will find yourself in a landscape untouched by time and raw and powerful in its breathtaking beauty.

Although it is a rural location with a laid-back atmosphere, you shouldn’t be mistaken four thinking Cornwall is stuck in the past. Recently Cornwall has undergone a bit of a resurgence and become a bit of a trendy destination, with a wide range of stylish hotels, smart restaurants, contrary art galleries, cool shops and hip bars, cafe’s and restaurants opening up in all corners of Cornwall. Celebrity chef Rick Stein has pioneered the culinary revolution in Cornwall, now followed by other Michelin starred restaurants and fine eateries up and down the county.

There are many great places to stay in Cornwall whatever your budget or preference. There are great hotels , B&Bs, self catering lodges and thousands of Cornwall cottages where you can base yourselves and explore everything Cornwall has to offer. For those people looking to get a bitt closer to nature, there are many fine campsites in Cornwall to choose from.

Newquay is one of the main holiday destinations in Cornwall and is world-famous for the sport of  surfing. The beaches in Newquay and across Cornwall regularly produce fantastic waves to be enjoyed by all standards of surfing. Together with kite surfing and other modern adventure activities, surfing has helped to put Cornwall on the map as a cool place to visit and engage in all kinds of outdoor pursuits.

Whatever you want to do on holiday, Cornwall has something for everyone. From romantic couples, to families with small children, to teenage and student explorers to groups of friends, Cornwall is a fantastic place to visit for a very special holiday.